Photo of the Month: Homecoming Wagon Relay Race, October 1971

Homecoming Wagon Relay Race, October 1971
Homecoming Wagon Relay Race, October 1971

In the fall of 1971, students at Illinois Benedictine College (now Benedictine University) were decorating the campus with great enthusiasm in preparation for the upcoming “Roaring Twenties” homecoming week.

Students transformed the library into the Biograph Theatre, the administration building into a  1920’s hotel, and the campus coffee shop into a speakeasy. In addition to preparing for the year’s theme, students enjoyed a week full of fun and competitive activities..

The freshmen class hosted a leg painting contest and a pillow fight with combatants mounted on a greased pole. The sophomores held a greased pig chase around campus followed up by a car smash. The junior class sponsored an ugly man contest and the seniors were in charge of the main event, a wagon relay race around Benedictine Hall (pictured above). Later that night, the seniors held a twenties themed party with a live band and a performance by the Second City theatre group.

Faculty members voted the senior class as having the most creative and entertaining class day for the week. The senior class walked away a fifty dollar prize.

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