Business Source Elite & Complete

This database is ideal for searching journals and trade publications covering all aspects of business. Additional content includes financial data, ebooks, conference proceedings, case studies, investment research reports, industry reports, market research reports, country reports, company profiles, and SWOT analyses.  Try this as a first step for  business research. It also is an EBSCO product with their familiar search platform.

EBSCOhost Mobile and Mobile Application - User Guide

Crimes Against Nature: environmental criminology and ecological justice

This volume provides an account and analysis of the key concerns of green criminology with numerous examples of crimes against the environment – toxic waste, wildlife smuggling, bio-piracy, the use and transport of ozone depleting substances through illegal logging and fishing, water pollution and animal abuse.

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Social Policy: Essential Primary Sources

Social policy decisions shape societies and influence social justice and social change.  The resources within this title include treatments of traditional social policy issues involving civil rights, children, education, housing, health, and welfare policy.  Primary sources chosen provide overviews of policy issues and cover the development and implementation of social policy since the 19th century.

Social Policy: Essential Primary Sources


What is Lent?

Lent, the Christian season of repentance and remembrance, begins on Ash Wednesday, March 1st

  • Why do Catholics fast and give things up during Lent?
  • Why are there ashes on Ash Wednesday and palms on Palm Sunday?
  • When does Lent end?

Find the answers to these and other frequently asked questions in this research guide.

Pope Francis

Information Literacy Learning Activities: Race & Social Justice

Engaging Our Digital Natives

The Benedictine librarians, in collaboration with faculty, have created some learning activities to help develop the Information Literacy skills of our students.  Here are some resources you may wish to use to support some of the research assignments related to next week’s Teach-In activitiesYou’llalso find themposted in the Race and Social Justice Research Guide:







This is an activity we introduced at one of our Engaging Our Digital Natives workshops last year.  Since then, we’ve been told that many faculty have used this resource with great success.

–  Use the slides to discuss how information is delivered in various formats.   How do you determine which formats are the most reliable?  Which formats are appropriate for academic research?  What is the difference between scholarly and academic resources?   Which are primary and which are secondary resources?

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Encyclopedia of Immigration & Migration in the American West

The American West has been a place of migration for groups of people seeking a better life. Blacks seeking relief from the Jim Crow, Chinese looking for economic opportunity, seekers after gold. Many have sought a place in the American West. The Native American nations suffered forced migration and Government Indian Policy. These essays offer insight into the motives, politics and natural resources that formed the history of the American West.

Encyclopedia of Immigration and Migration in the American West


Fake News: Develop Your Fact-Checking Skills

The flood of fake news, propaganda, rumors, and advertising challenges our skills to separate fact from fiction. Use the resources posted in this Fake News Research Guide to develop the Information Literacy skills you’ll need to to recognize the differences between fact and rumor, news and advertising, news and opinion, and bias and fairness.