Encyclopedia of Immigration & Migration in the American West

The American West has been a place of migration for groups of people seeking a better life. Blacks seeking relief from the Jim Crow, Chinese looking for economic opportunity, seekers after gold. Many have sought a place in the American West. The Native American nations suffered forced migration and Government Indian Policy. These essays offer insight into the motives, politics and natural resources that formed the history of the American West.

Encyclopedia of Immigration and Migration in the American West


Fake News: Develop Your Fact-Checking Skills

The flood of fake news, propaganda, rumors, and advertising challenges our skills to separate fact from fiction. Use the resources posted in this Fake News Research Guide to develop the Information Literacy skills you’ll need to to recognize the differences between fact and rumor, news and advertising, news and opinion, and bias and fairness.

Medicine, Health, and Bioethics: essential primary sources

The primary sources contained herein demonstrate the development, diversity and nexus of science and ethics as embodied in medical advances, social policy and law.  Because an understanding of the historical development of medical science and the social issues that arise from its advance is increasingly vital, this work takes a sweeping view of events over the last 200 years.

Medicine, Health, and Bioethics: Essential Primary Sources

Reading and Literacy

Attention students in the Master of Education in Reading and Literacy Program.  We have a research guide, Reading and Literacy, just for you.  We have navigated through all of the databases for you and provided links to the ones that are relevant to your program on this guide.  The guide also contains searching tips and tricks to help retrieve articles for your subject, as well as a number of other topics of information like books, interlibrary loan, Google Scholar, and videos.

New Catholic Encyclopedia

Alphabetically arranged articles within this resource cover theology, philosophy, history, literary figures, saints, musicians and more.   They serve as a comprehensive and authoritative work of reference on the movements and interests that have shaped Christianity in general and Catholicism in particular over two millennia.  Also available are the supplements from 2009 through 2013.  Each supplement focuses on special themes which include science and the Church; the Church in modern history; art, music and literature and biographies of beatified and canonized persons since 2010; current Catholic issues, events and topics including Pope Benedict XVI, sex abuse crises, the internet; and ethics and philosophy.

New Catholic Encyclopedia, 2003


Political Science Research Guide

Politics dominate the American scene whether it is state, national or international. It is ever present especially in a Presidential election year and even in a post Presidential-election year. So to help you with your research on politics the library has produced a guide to aid you. This guide will lead you to a plethora of websites, books and databases touching the state, national and international political landscape. This guide is especially helpful for resources on the three U.S. Federal government branches; Congress, the President and the Supreme Court.  Check it out at http://researchguides.ben.edu/political-science.