Encyclopedia of Juvenile Justice

As a starting point for students of juvenile justice, criminology and criminal justice, this title covers the history and current operations of the juvenile justice system.  The entries address a broad range of issues and topics, such as alcohol and drug abuse, arson, the death penalty for juveniles, computer and Internet crime, gun violence, gangs, missing children, school violence, teen pregnancy, and delinquency theories.

Encyclopedia of Juvenile Justice



Journals in the Cumulative Index to Nursing & Allied Health Literature (CINAHL) cover nursing, allied health, biomedical and consumer health journals, and include publications of the American Nursing Association, and the National League for Nursing.  CINAHL has many features.  Regular searches can be limited to “any author is nurse,” peer-reviewed, research article, etc.  Many features include a thesaurus called CINAHL Headings which gives the correct format for major concepts/subjects.  Then these can be limited using subheadings such as: methods, trends, drug effects, education.  Other features are the evidence-based care sheets and quick lessons which cover many major health/medical topics.  CINAHL is a good database to use to begin a search for nursing and medical articles and information.

Encyclopedia of Group Processes and Intergroup Relations

A group has norms or roles, communication or coordinated action, cohesiveness and identification.  Group process refers to what happens within groups – how members think, feel and act toward others in the same group.  Intergroup relations refers to what happens between groups.  This encyclopedia covers concepts of the social psychology of groups from across the spectrum on a global scale.

Encyclopedia of Group Processes & Intergroup Relations


Business Source Elite & Complete

This database is ideal for searching journals and trade publications covering all aspects of business. Additional content includes financial data, ebooks, conference proceedings, case studies, investment research reports, industry reports, market research reports, country reports, company profiles, and SWOT analyses.  Try this as a first step for  business research. It also is an EBSCO product with their familiar search platform.

EBSCOhost Mobile and Mobile Application - User Guide

Crimes Against Nature: environmental criminology and ecological justice

This volume provides an account and analysis of the key concerns of green criminology with numerous examples of crimes against the environment – toxic waste, wildlife smuggling, bio-piracy, the use and transport of ozone depleting substances through illegal logging and fishing, water pollution and animal abuse.

Book Cover

Social Policy: Essential Primary Sources

Social policy decisions shape societies and influence social justice and social change.  The resources within this title include treatments of traditional social policy issues involving civil rights, children, education, housing, health, and welfare policy.  Primary sources chosen provide overviews of policy issues and cover the development and implementation of social policy since the 19th century.

Social Policy: Essential Primary Sources

Encyclopedia of Immigration & Migration in the American West

The American West has been a place of migration for groups of people seeking a better life. Blacks seeking relief from the Jim Crow, Chinese looking for economic opportunity, seekers after gold. Many have sought a place in the American West. The Native American nations suffered forced migration and Government Indian Policy. These essays offer insight into the motives, politics and natural resources that formed the history of the American West.

Encyclopedia of Immigration and Migration in the American West