Apps for Easter tomb          Gethesmane

With Easter just around the corner, here are two apps that present a new way of “visiting” a few of the sites most closely associated with the holiday. The Gethsemane 3D and Garden Tomb 3D apps, both produced by (the company has created a number of other apps related to important sites in the Holy City) allow one to take a walk-through tour, at either a brisk pace or a leisurely stroll. As on a real tour, one can stop and learn more about each part of a site, including background on the significance of various locations to Christians worldwide. Adding to the “you are there” feeling is the level of visual detail, such as wear-and-tear on rocks and chips in paintings. The apps could provide more historical background on life in Jerusalem during the first century. Also, a recreation of these locations as they may have appeared during the time of Jesus would enhance the educational value of the apps. That having been said, the apps effectively meet their goal of transporting the user to the sites, an experience that is particularly valuable, as it is becoming more difficult to visit these places in person due to the ongoing turmoil in the region.


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