Jewish Holidays app


In the spirit of the holiday season, and in that of intercultural relations from yesterday’s staff-development event, here is an app that covers the major Jewish holidays.  The app includes not just Hanukkah, of course, but also Yom Kippur and Purim, among others.  The focus of the app is not so much on the activities during the celebrations as it is on the spiritual significance of the traditions.  More importantly, the app does not treat each holiday in isolation, but instead ties them into the broader Jewish spiritual philosophy.  To this end, the app has detailed video and written commentary by Kabbalah expert Dr. Michael Laitman.  If one wants additional information, one can peruse Dr. Laitman’s blog.  While “The Spiritual Meaning of the Jewish Holidays” app does require an understanding of Jewish spirituality–there is no glossary or other aid to provide background–the app goes beyond just a generic overview of Jewish holidays and introduces one to deeper perspectives on the holidays’ religious significance and Jewish spirituality in general.


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