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This is the official app of the Holy See.  The app is streamlined and easy to navigate, although there is much overlap between the app and the Vatican’s website (  The app does, however, have some additional multimedia features.  These include a photo gallery of Pope Francis.  The app’s strong point is a virtual tour of the Vatican City that includes stunning 360-degree images of various locations in St. Peter’s Basilica and Square.  What adds a “you-are-there feel” not found in other apps is that the panoramas are taken while people are actually visiting the locations, instead of when they are empty; this does not, however, obstruct the sharp views of the artwork and architecture.   The downside to this app is that news and other official releases are not available in English.  (Translated versions of the same documents can, however, be found on the Vatican’s website.)  Also, the virtual tour of St. Peter’s does not include descriptions of the locations and artwork.  Despite these drawbacks, the app is a useful way to orient one’s self with the documents and other resources available on the full website, in addition to enjoying the virtual tour.


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