“Wonders of Italy: Pompeii” app


The “Wonders of Italy: Pompeii” app (the series has apps for Rome and Florence, also) presents a photographic tour of the ruins of that city. The app includes background on each set of ruins, including their probable use. The ruins cover a range of public buildings, from amphitheatres to eateries. From a multimedia perspective, this is a fairly worthwhile app to peruse. The photography is sharp, and the 360-degree panoramas of the ruins are give one a “you are there” feeling. There are also close-up views of artwork and other interesting features of the ruins.

There is not much on the history of Pompeii itself, however, nor is there much detail on the excavation and preservation of the ruins. A reconstruction of the city as it appeared before the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius, and maybe even an animation of the eruption itself and the resulting burial of the city in ash, would have enhanced the educational and entertainment value of this app significantly. As it is, there is information on only eight sets of ruins to peruse, giving a piecemeal approach to understanding the city and its history. While the app does give a nice introduction to some of the ruins of Pompeii and the related history, it doesn’t really go into the depth that one would expect, especially given the archaeological value of the site and its popularity as a tourist attraction.


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