November 1: All Saints’ Day

From the Communion of Saints tapestry created by John Nava for the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, Archdiocese of Los Angeles, California.

As we prepare for Halloween, we must not forget to celebrate the following day as well which is All Saints’ Day!  Back in old England, saints or holy people are called “hallowed”, so All Saints’ Day was also known as “All Hallow’s Day”.  Thus the evening before the feast became popularly known as “All Hallows’ Eve” or “Halloween”.

Learning about the saints can be fascinating.  According to Fr. Robert Barron, “The saints differ in a wide variety of personalities, styles, backgrounds, and education. They have vivid, memorable, and striking personalities. Saints are not simply there to be our models or heroes, but are there to be our friends and guide us along the path of holiness. When we celebrate “All Saints Day” we celebrate the source of radiance they bring, which is brought on by their burning love for Christ.”

Our library collection is a rich resource for information about the saints.  For example, you can learn more about All Saints’ Day in the New Catholic Encyclopedia.

Are you looking for information about a particular saint? Look them up in Butler’s Lives of the Saints in our Reference Collection (3d floor Kindlon Hall) or search the Library online catalog for books in our collection.

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Happy and blessed All Saints’ Day!


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